Global Niche Only One

Greeting from the Chairperson & CEO


It's more than a label.

"Challenging the future is our corporate culture. Our company, ever since establishment, by choosing a difficult path and without giving into obstacles, has scaled the heights, step by step, with diligence. Placing priority on persistence rather than increasing the scale of the company, we deepened our relationship with customers who could help us to achieve this. We are confident that the uniqueness of the industry is the field we can be active in.

To make use of the high level of technological capabilities that we have acquired over the long years in pharmaceutical-labelling, we currently have started to walk the path to overseas markets. As a company that can propose solutions based on the technology of labels and labelling machines, I believe that problems not realized thus far, will be discovered and overcome, enabling us to find new business opportunities in the process of expanding to new customers in the world.

The sole reason for aiming at the global market is to keep challenging. Search for new problems and redefine our value. Another stage for the next challenge is set. I feel, repeating this cycle eternally is the ideal state of Iwata label.

This environment is a must for a continuous increase in human potential. We want to be in a world of constant challenges and learning where we can test our strengths. We will continue our journey, constantly searching for new environments for growth and new areas for learning."


"Global, Niche, Only One"

Masato Iwata Chairperson & CEO

In 1969, when the company was in its seventh year of operation, a contest to design the company emblem was held as an event to celebrate the company reaching 100 million yen in annual turnover. A design created by an aspiring designer from the Nagoya Sales Office was adopted, and made into cloisonné ware.

Since tack labels at the time were increasingly used for sealing printing as labels to seal containers in order to protect their contents, the inside of the exterior modeled after a protective "shield" was divided into three levels representing the sky, sun and sea (blue-red-blue). "IL," the initials of Iwata Label, were placed inside the sun.

Due to later land readjustment, Iwata Label's address is inside Mitsui, Ichinomiya, but at the time the area was known as Tanyo-cho Mitsui, Ichinomiya. Tanyo, rendered as "丹陽" in Chinese characters, carries the meanings of morning (red) sun and a day of true devotion. For this reason, the letters "IL" are engraved inside the red sun.


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