Global Niche Only One

Corporate Motto

Bring happiness to those we touch.


Mutual Profitability

We fully adopt approaches which ensure that our own benefit (self interests) work to the benefit of others (achieving harmony).


Challenge and Innovation

We boldly take on the challenge of things that are difficult or have never been attempted in order to create something new.


Conquering Dreams

We embrace dreams that can be shared with everyone (big goals and targets) and strive to achieve them one step at a time.

Management Philosophy


Visionary Company

The Iwata Label Group and its employees

We have declared a vision for the company to pursue, share it universally, and make concerted efforts to achieve it.


Innovation and Synergy

The Iwata Label Group and its employees

To ensure continued growth and the ability to respond to dramatic changes to the environment in which we operate, the Iwata Label Group at any time unites in its efforts to effect Group-wide reform in a large and agile way. Each and every employee also embraces profound change.


Corporate Citizen

The Iwata Label Group and its employees

Adopting the modest sentiment that a company is a citizen in society, we adhere to social rules, lay bare our corporate activities for society to see, maintain a considerate attitude towards people, society and the global environment, and undertake initiatives born out of respect for people, social contribution and environmental conservation.



The Iwata Label Group and its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, financial institutions and affiliate industry groups)


Quality Policy


Iwata Label Co., Ltd. assumes the responsibility of forging quality in the products and services of customers through labeling and packaging, along with a sense of its mission to be of use to society. Channeling the spirit of challenge and innovation, we continue to provide customers with safety, security and comfort.



We have established systems to ensure that fatal accidents involving the safety of customers will not occur.



We have established systems to prevent the recurrence of customer complaints.



We continue to maintain trust as a partner to our customers.



Environmental Policy


Based on the concept of being a corporate citizen, Iwata Label Co., Ltd. continually embraces a considerate, humble and open approach to the global environment and human society. We pursue environmental conservation and efforts to prevent and solve pollution on an ongoing basis.



Iwata Label is working to reduce its environmental impact due to environment-related substances, decrease its material and energy usage, and conserve resources through  the recycling of waste.



We comply with environmental laws and regulations, engage in communication with the industry and region, and make concerted efforts to preserve the environment.




Iwata Label publicly announces its environmental policy and environmental activities.



HR Policy

The strength of Iwata Label lies in its proactive people.

The company regards the development of human resources as its first priority and spares no effort to enhance the mutual trust with its employees.


The qualities we look for in our staff


Global orientation        

Employees able to communicate with people around the world from a global perspective.



Employees who understand the roles and work they are expected to fulfill, and can think and act for themselves.



Employees who never give up, and follow every task through to completion.



Employees who realize that their own development translates into company growth, never settle for the status quo and are continually mindful or their own advancement.



Employees who respect one another and can mobilize to achieve common goals.




New Product and New Business Policy

Iwata Label contributes to society by creating added value without precedence anywhere in the world.


Overseas Policy


Iwata Label will leverage its unique qualities to become an indispensable force in the world.




Louise-Dumont-Str. 29, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

TEL +49 211/3107 1993