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Shrink Tack Label-STL

 A unique way of labeling and sealing solution in one process using a shrinkable film with adhesive at the back. It is shrunk through heat with minimal heat exposure.


 It is a labeling SOLUTION that provides special function of:

   LIGHT PROTECTION for light sensitive products

   TAMPER EVIDENT to fight against counterfeiting

   VIAL PROTECTION against breakage and shattering

Our products

Vial Protect Pack Series


  • As the resin plate or cup and label cover the vial with two layers, there is extra durability against breakage, and users can avoid coming into direct contact with residue attached to the surface of the vial.
  • Even if the vial breaks, the contents are prevented from dispersing.
  • The container and protector are held in place with an adhesive, eliminating any worry of the vial slipping out of the protector.
  • As the packaging fits closely against the vial, there is almost no change in its shape or size, making it easy to handle in a medical setting.
  • This can also be applied using a conventional shrink tack labeler.


Light Protect Shrink Tack


  • Light resistance is possible up to the visual light range using aluminum evaporation type or transparent type shrink tack labels.
  • Attachment and shrinkage is simple due to adhesive tack labels.
  • Due to perforation, the cap can be easily opened simply by lifting, and confirmation of the content liquid is possible. (Windowless types without removable labels are also available)


Shrink Tack for Eye dropper


  • Pre-shrinking is not required.
  • A single piece performs both sealing and labeling functions.
  • As the label portion includes an adhesive, it will not peel off to prevent display of the label.
  • Once the top part of the label is removed, it cannot be put back together. This clearly indicates that the container is tampered.
  • Perforation design is available for your container. The combination of vertical, slanting and horizontal perforation.
  • The film can have special light shielding properties to protect the contents from ultra-violet light.


Yoroi + Semi


  • Semi-automatic machine appropriate for small lot products which are expensive medications.
  • Small installation footprint compared with automatic machines.
  • This labeler is compatible with both Vial Protect Pack I and Vial Protect Pack II.
  • Both vials and protectors can be supplied by a conveyor.


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